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Snow Pusher

Premium Lawn Service's Snow Pusher gives you a much easier tool to clear sidewalks, driveways, steps, or porches. The Snow Pusher's unique design makes using it easier on your back than other snow shovels, and its durable construction will last through years of heavy snow.

The Handle

  • powder coated handle made of 18 gauge (48,000 PSI tensile strength), thus making the handle unbendable under normal usage
  • 5 feet long and is bent so the user is not bending over while using it
  • fitted with a comfort grip to provide less hand stress

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The Blade

  • 36"w by 15 7/8"h blade made of 1/4" polyurethane, which is unbreakable
  • can be simply flipped over to extend the use of the blade

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