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Irrigation Services

A beautiful lawn requires water to keep it healthy and green. An irrigation system is an easy way to ensure your lawn is receiving the amount of water it needs. We maintain existing systems, and custom design new ones that are specific for your lawn and landscaping needs.

Design & Installation

Premium Lawn Services's trained lawn professionals will design your irrigation system to ensure proper coverage of your lawn so that you avoid dry spots. The design will also take into consideration all of your landscaping so that it receives the proper coverage as well. All of our irrigation systems have a 5 year warranty.

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Spring Setup

Get ready for the summer season with Premium Lawn's Spring Setup. We'll check your current system, make any adjustments needed, and get your lawn ready for the upcoming weather with no hassle.

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Fall Blowout

Before the temperatures drop, it's important to make sure your pipes are free of excess water that could freeze and cause a wintery mess. Premium Lawn Service's Fall blowout will expel all of the water out of your pipes to prevent damage to your home.

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Repair / Services

Premium Lawn Service's trained technicians will be onsite if needed to repair or provide service to your irrigation system. They'll also answer questions you might have and make recommendations to prevent overwatering or other damage to your lawn or landscaping.

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